Goal: your unique course strategy

Training strategy is a crucial aspect of creating an outstanding course. Yet, this is the very step that most course creators overlook.

So many people come to me with a request to create a specific course, but as soon as I ask a few probing questions about their goals, the whole idea seems to collapse like the proverbial house of cards. Remember that a course is not a goal in and of itself. A course is a means of reaching a set of goals that are unique to your business.

Therefore, it is essential to create a comprehensive overview of your goals. Based on this overview, we will define the most effective training strategy for your business. A solid and well-considered strategy will form a foundation for your investment (time, effort, money) of creating a course.

My approach is thoroughly pragmatic. I look for the simplest and most effective ways to achieve your specific goals. Without a solid strategy, you will most probably end up spending way too much effort and money on gadgets, tools, and skills that you simply do not need! Many of my clients have come away from their Strategy Sessions to discover a much more straight-forward and easy way of achieving their training goals than they could have imagined.

The other essential aspect of the Strategy Sessions is defining which teaching approaches would be the most effective for achieving transformational results for your students. Because a course that does not help students achieve their goals would be pretty useless!

During the strategy sessions, I will have a detailed look at your business needs, your personal goals, and the profiles of your students. I will give you specific advice on which courses your should develop in order to maximally leverage your time and investments. This advice frequently encompasses much more than course creation, venturing into overall business strategy.

Who is it for

  • Your body of work is well-established and time-tested: you have worked with many clients, written a book, or given a TED-style talk.
  • You have a solid business and existing client base (i.e. you have a well-defined audience for your courses)
  • You are not yet certain if creating a course is the right fit for you and your business.


PART 1: Intake interview (live call) To start off, you will need to provide me with comprehensive background information on your business, clients, and personal goals. To guide you in this process, you will fill in a questionnaire which we will then discuss during a live intake call. In addition, I would need to become familiar with your body of work: for example, your website, your book, a video recording of a talk that you have given.

PART 2: Establish a strategic roadmap All the information that you provide will serve as a foundation for establishing a solid course strategy for your business. Based on your input, I will draw up a strategic roadmap for your courses, taking into account your business growth and long-term ambitions. Wherever relevant, I will provide alternatives with a detailed list of pros and cons.

PART 3: Evaluate and decide on strategy (live call) During the second live session, we will review your strategic roadmap together. I will guide and support you in making well-informed choices, wherever it is relevant.


1 000 euro


  • Select the best teaching solution that is tailored to your unique situation.
  • Choose a roadmap that maximally leverages your ideas and anticipates on your business growth.
  • Make sure your future courses respond to the needs and goals of your clients
  • Safeguard your personal goals, such as having sufficient time to continue innovating and creating.
  • Build a solid foundation for your future courses.
  • Maximize your return on investment for course creation.

Interested? Let's talk!

If you are interested in having me work out your course strategy, let's have a call to see if this will be the right fit for you. Book a complimentary no-strings-attached consult session, with me and let's talk!