About me

Instructional Designer & Course Creator

I have been creating courses professionally for nearly 20 years.

I created online modules, tutorials, and context-relevant help topics, back when I started out as a technical writer. Soon afterward, I began working as a full-time Instructional Designer and have since then created dozens and dozens of workshops, training programs, and online courses for my clients. Of course, I have also designed courses for my own business.

Here are some examples of my courses that I have designed and created:

  • Workshop - Change management – Royal Philips Electronics
  • Interactive online modules – Requirements Management – Royal Philips Electronics
  • Interactive online modules – Commercial product introduction – Royal Philips Electronics
  • Workshops – Service processes– Thermo Fischer Scientific
  • Workshops – Teamwork, Creativity, Leadership – Thermo Fischer Scientific
  • Train-the-Trainer certification – Virtual Classrooms for instructional designers
  • Train-the-trainer workshops – Network of Dutch coaches and therapists
  • Course (E3) – Leadership– The Management Shift
  • Course – Leadership for Women
  • Strategy sessions – Help for Health

“Anastasia has created and facilitated two custom-made workshops. In both cases she managed to guide the process in a very professional and pleasant way. Without many directions up front regarding the format she offered just the amount of insight and guidance the participants needed. She was able in both sessions to create an atmosphere where participants felt comfortable to share. These sessions were appreciated by all participants and we would highly recommend her for future training sessions and workshops.” – R. van den Heuvel, Thermo Fischer Scientific

Trainer & Facilitator

I started teaching without even realizing it. I was the “brainy” kid in school, so my classmates naturally sought me out as a potential source for copying homework and quiz answers. Even then, I believed that they would be much better off understanding school material, so I went out of my way to find different and alternative explanations to help them.

My first paying job in teaching was during my university years in France, teaching English to my peers. That was over 20 years ago!

I have taught many courses and workshops, and worked with hundreds and hundreds of students, from professionals in Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs, from IT technicians to trauma therapists.

I love teaching! I am devoted to my students and to helping them achieve results. I am passionate about guiding people in their development process and helping them grow. It is a true privilege to be a witness to my students' accomplishments.

“Thank you so much for giving this superb training. I’ve grown a lot as a consultant, friend, and individual over the past few months. I can’t thank you enough!”
“Positive, lively discussions, knowledgeable.”
“Great fun and a big learning!”
“Anastasia explains really well, provides good examples, and is enthusiastic.”
Various past students, Accenture

“One of the best workshops from last years.”
“I liked the way of working, challenging the audience to think and not just listen.”
“The structure and the format were very well organized.”
“Informative, Interactive, Insightful”
“Love the brainstorm sessions!”
Various past students, Royal Philips Electronics

What it’s like to work with me

Helping you save boatloads of time, money, and frustration is my jam!

  • I ask a lot of questions. Questions to help me understand. Questions to help you think. Questions that lead to new insights and discoveries.
  • I am serious about the quality of my work. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
  • I am committed to the highest good for my clients. If I believe that creating a course will support your goals -- I will tell you. If I believe that you should not be creating any courses just yet -- I will tell you as well. Your benefits are my priority.
  • I am committed to all students: my own and the students of my clients. I am relentless about creating the very best results from the courses I help design.

Anastasia is brilliant in asking the right questions, thinking out of the box and challenging assumptions. She is enthusiastic and passionate about the success of my participants. By working with Anastasia, I learned to look at my courses from a student perspective. As a result, my courses became more fun and my students have better results. - R. van Overbruggen, Help for Health

My superpowers

  • Diving into and understanding new or complex material at lightning speed -- a much-needed quality when it comes to designing courses on a huge variety of topics.
  • Creating structure and clarity from chaos and complexity. I love finding clear ways to explain complicated content.
  • Coming up with new models, charts, and diagrams to make complex information easy to understand and to remember.
  • Bringing lightness and humor to difficult situations. It helps that I don’t take myself too seriously ;-)
  • Making people feel powerful and empowered.

Fun facts

  • I have lived in 5 countries and am fluent in 4 languages.
  • I wanted to become an opera singer, but went to get a M.Sc. in theoretical physics instead. Don’t ask me to give you a demonstration of either of those – it was a long time ago!
  • In middle school, I was voted most likely to become a math teacher. I was a huge nerd and I competed on the math team.
  • I have an unhealthy interest in pens and stationery: colored markers are my favorite!
  • In my spare time, I enjoy creating screen printing art.
  • Scotland is my favorite place in the world.