About you

You are an "Idea entrepreneur":

“An idea entrepreneur is an individual, usually a content expert and often a maverick, whose main goal is to influence how other people think and behave in relation to their cherished topic. These people don’t seek power over others and they’re not motivated by the prospect of achieving great wealth. Their goal is to make a difference, to change the world in some way.” – John Butman, HBR.

Is this you?

● You have developed your own unique vision on your area of expertise. You have a strong opinion about certain topics and are not afraid to voice it.
● Through your experience, you have developed and perfected your ideas, your information, your content. Your body of work is well-established and time-tested: you have worked with many clients, written a book, or given a TED-style talk.
● Using your expertise, you have helped many people in the past. More and more people keep coming to you for help, and you are starting to feel that you simply do not have time to help them all in a one-on-one model.
● You are ready to take your work and your business to the next level: share your message with a broader audience and make a bigger impact in the world.

If so, I can imagine that you want to:

➜ Continue to provide top-notch services and results to your clients.
➜ Expand your service offering to include live or online courses and thereby help more people.
➜ Feel good while facilitating your courses and develop your authentic teaching style.
➜ Follow a solid strategy that will get you those results: you have no time for trial-and-error.

You + I could be a great match if:

✔ You are passionate about making a difference. You have a deep desire to create a better world, to help others grow, to serve your clients.
✔ You are looking for someone to help you pave your own path; you don’t want to blindly follow someone else’s directions.
✔ You understand that creating something of high value and high quality requires care and effort.
✔ You secretly think of yourself as an idealist.
✔ You are open to exploring divergent viewpoints and trying out different things.

Does this sound like you?

I hope you will find the ideas, information, and services here helpful to you, to your business, and to your clients. It is my aim to support you in sharing your expertise. To get started, check out the free video I’ve created for you.