Get help from the Course Doctor

Goal: solutions for your pressing course issues

Even once they have created their course, many entrepreneurs and educators continue to experience a range of frustrations - not realizing that those pain points can be easily addressed and even completely eliminated. During a consultation with the "Course Doctor", we will pinpoint the key blocks standing in your way, zoom in on the causes and discuss practical approaches on how to address them.

Who is it for

  • You are created your signature course and are currently facilitating this program (either in-person or online).
  • You are experiencing recurring issues or blocks during your course.
  • You would like to experience more ease and joy while facilitating or creating courses.
  • You are looking for practical and expert advice on how to improve your course.

How does it work

STEP 1: Online intake and pre-work To start off, you will need to fill in an intake questionnaire that will help me understand your work, your strengths and your stumbling blocks.

STEP 2: Online consultation We will zoom in on your current way of working and your pain points. Together, we will dig deeper into the underlying causes and discuss possible ways to address them.

PART 3: Evaluation and advice In a follow-up email, you will receive a advice on:

  • 3 things that you are doing well and should continue doing in the future.
  • 3 things that you should change that will have the biggest positive impact on you and your students.


150 euro

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