Done-for-you course creation

You have in-depth knowledge on your area of expertise; perhaps you’ve even written a book. You would like your ideas to reach more people, but you don’t have the time or the interest to create training program.

Maybe you recognize yourself in these statements: You’re too busy: A training program will help you reach more people and increase your profits. But you are already so busy, that you do not have time to figure out how to create online or live courses. You’re ready for something new: You have been sharing your own tools and methodologies, through one-on-one sessions. You have so many new ideas, but no time to work on them. You would like to continue to serve your clients as before, while having the freedom to create new content. You are not sure how to leverage and market your knowledge: Your ideas are solid, but you are not sure which formats of training would best suit your business and personal goals. You want top-notch quality: Your expertise is already highly valued by your clients. Your training programs should reflect your commitment to excellence.

I can design training programs for you!

There are several reasons why working with me to create your own unique training could be a fit for you:

  • I only take on training projects that I am certain will contribute to creating a better world.
  • I have worked for Fortune-500 companies, creating online and live courses for thousands of people. The same big-business methodologies and expertise are available to you.
  • I invest the same care and attention to your training as I do for my own. I am deeply committed to serving you and your clients.
  • I have extensive experience working with experts, so I know how and when to support you best.

Here are several ways in which we can work together:

  • Training Strategy: Based on the information that you will provide, I will define the most effective training strategy for you, for your business, and for your clients. Combining marketing and didactical expertise, your individual training strategy will ensure that your courses will meet your goals.
  • Training Design: Starting from a solid strategy, I will create a complete training program for you – trainer’s materials, presentation decks, speaker notes, individual assignments, coaching guidelines… you name it! I have extensive experience working based on available materials (books, documents, slides) so that your time investment will be minimized.
  • Training Mentoring: If you would like to receive comprehensive guidance and support during your training sessions, I can mentor you on preparation and delivery. Whether you need practical or moral support, or someone to give you expert feedback – I can help you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The main focus of my business is teaching. For this reason, I can only take on a tiny handful of VIP clients. Those few candidate projects are carefully selected. If would like to apply to become a VIP client, please contact me to schedule a call with me.