Crafting online programs

Virtual classes: beyond the webinar

Webinars have taken the internet by storm. Prospective students get sold on the idea of "learning anywhere, anytime", while business owners appreciate the possibility of teaching large groups of people. However, the way that most webinars are executed is anything but effective; often, they are just one long video lecture with Q&A added on. Hardly engaging or effective!

Enter the Virtual Class: an effective and impactful educational format for online programs. The format has many of the same advantages and benefits as a live classroom: a possibility to give and receive direct feedback, to work in small break-out groups, to share desktop and application views, and much more. It is an active and highly engaging way of learning.

However, like any tool, the success of a Virtual Class depends on how it is used. This program will help you to take the maximum advantage of this format, to optimise learning outcomes and impact.

Goal: Create and facilitate an impactful virtual class

During this program you will be crafting your own signature virtual class. Working from A to Z, you will define concrete goals for your students, set up the class framework, create powerful exercises, and sprinkle in moments of feedback and interactivity. At the end of this program, you will have to facilitate the virtual class that you have created. You will receive individual feedback throughout the program.

Who is it for?

  • Online teaching is or will be a core component of your business offering.
  • You are open to discover and try out new things (even if they might feel a bit scary or uncomfortable at first).
  • You are interested in creating outstanding online experiences for your students.
  • You are prepared to work hard in order to make a difference for your students.


I personally select all the participants for this program. So if you are interested in joining or have any questions, please contact me to schedule a free exploratory call. Together, we will evaluate if creating virtual classes is the right choice for you.