Course Creation Intensive

Goal: Create your signature course from A to Z

The FASTEST way to get your course completely ready!
In this comprehensive and immersive program, you will be creating your own course. Working step-by-step, you will start by designing a blueprint of your course and then work your way to a detailed design of all of the necessary course materials, such as a full trainer’s script, exercises, and worksheets. What we’re aiming for is for you to have a complete course, fully developed. The immersive environment will give you the necessary focus to get all the work done and out of the way, so that you can start marketing and selling your new training program directly once the Intensive ends.
In just 12 days, your will have a powerful course all of your own!

Who is it for?

  • Your body of work is well-established and time-tested: you have worked with many clients, written a book, or given a TED-style talk.
  • You have a solid business and existing client base (i.e. you have a well-defined audience for your course).
  • Teaching is or will be a core component of your business offering (in other words, if you give an occasional workshop then the Intensive is an “overkill”).
  • You have never created a course before and don’t know where to start OR You have created a course before, but experienced the process as difficult and/or did not see consistent tangible results in your students’ progress.
  • You feel comfortable presenting in front of a group of 5 or more participants.
  • You are open to discover and try out new things (even if they might feel a bit scary or uncomfortable at first).
  • You are prepared to work hard in order to make a difference for your students.

IMPORTANT: This program is not suitable for creating online courses.

Program: Strategy + Design + Facilitation

PART 1: Strategy – Individual
Based on your specific and unique situation which we will map out together, I will create a strategy roadmap for your business: which courses should you create in order to leverage your expertise and increase your impact. This is the same service as the Strategy Sessions and includes:

  • Intake interview
  • My strategy roadmap for your business
  • Evaluation: together, we will select the optimal approach for you and choose the course that you will be creating during the rest of the program.

Note: if the strategy session reveals that creating a course is not the right strategy for you, or if your strategy does not match well with the “Design” phase of the Intensive, you will only be charged for the Individual Strategy session.

PART 2: Design – Small group, 12-day immersive course
This is the most creative and focused part of the program where you will be creating the detailed design of your course. Based on the key principles of course design, you will develop exercises and processes that form the essential part of teaching. The end goals is to create a course that will help your students achieve real-world transformational results.
Your development process will be guided by expert instructions on design strategies. The group setting is intimate (maximum of 6 participants), which means that you will get plenty of individual feedback and inspiration from me and from the group. As you move toward a detailed design of your course, you will be able to practice facilitating, and course-correct wherever it is needed.

PART 3: Ta-daa! You have your own signature course!
. . . and you will be required to deliver it as part of the Course Creation Intensive. Real results — for you, your students, and your business!

PART 4: Follow-up individual coaching sessions
After the Intensive, you can book two 1-hour coaching sessions with me: a “preparation session” before your course, and an “evaluation session” after your course.

12-day immersive course

Location & Dates
For optimal focus and creativity, we will be in a retreat setting, based out of a (fairly) remote location in nature. The exact location & dates will be announced at a later date.

We will be doing a lot of hard work (after all, it is an Intensive!) but there will also be plenty of moments to relax and re-charge your creative powers.

  • Arrival day: Saturday or Sunday
  • Course start: Monday
  • Course end: Friday of the following week
  • Departure day: Saturday

Group size
The group size is very small – maximum of 6 participants – ensuring that there is enough time for interaction and feedback.


10 000 euro

The price is including the following:

  • Individual Strategy Sessions (normally priced at 1 000 euro)
  • 12-day residential immersive course
  • Accommodation in a private room, all group meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner), and group transportation during the 12-day immersive group course
  • 2 follow-up individual coaching sessions
  • All course materials

The price does not include:

  • Travel to and from the location of the group course
  • Personal expenses during the group course


  • Create your signature course from A to Z.
  • Create a complete and detailed script for your entire course.
  • Skip the struggles of trial-and-error and beta-testing, and create a brilliant course that delivers awesome results from the get-go.
  • Have complete confidence when delivering your course.
  • Become a skilled facilitator who can create a fertile learning environment and empower students every step of the way.
  • Learn the top-notch methods of course creation, so that you can continue creating courses in the future.


I personally select all the participants for this program. So if you are interested in joining or have any questions, please contact me to schedule a free exploratory call. Together, we will evaluate if the Course Creation Intensive is the right choice for you.